Mirror Splashbacks

Modernise Your Melbourne Home with a Reflective Splashback

Here at RADesignz, we specialise in creating stylish, awe-inspiring glass solutions for your home or business. Our mirror splashbacks are just one of our many design options, adding elegance and sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen area. With years of industry experience and a passion for producing the most seamless end results, it’s no surprise that we have cultivated a reputation for being the company of choice for people all across Melbourne.

The benefits of our mirror options

Choosing a reflective surface for your bathroom or kitchen offers a myriad of practical and aesthetic advantages. Mirror splashbacks are perfect for those Melbourne homes that are on the smaller side, as the reflection helps to expand the perception of room space and adds light to the area. The simplicity is also the perfect way to give any area more of a modern atmosphere without redesigning your entire kitchen or bathroom.

What mirrored surfaces offer in style they also offer in convenience. These options are simple to wipe down, with many people finding that they are in fact easier to clean than other types of material. They also offer longstanding durability as they are reinforced to ensure maximum longevity around the heat of stovetops. As industry professionals, we know that you want resilient design options that will last the long haul, which is why we put a focus on producing the highest quality designs that you can rely on.

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If you’re looking for something that will add another dimension of style and sophistication to your commercial or residential space, contact RADesignz today on 0414 629 805 to enquire about our mirror splashbacks. We deliver nothing short of the most exceptional results to clients all across Melbourne.

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